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Marius Schuwalow

Sebastian Fitzek

Additional Cast:
Natascha McElhone, Adrian Lester, Rafe Spall, Peter Firth, Hugh Skinner

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"Rafe Spall and Adrian Lester discuss the power of audio dramas: 'There's hunger for it'"

By Tom Eames/ Digital Spy

Compared to film and television, radio arguably doesn't get anywhere near the same kind of attention or high acclaim for its scripted programs...


This was to be her last day alive. The renowned criminal psychologist Ira Samin prepared her suicide thoroughly.

The death of her eldest daughter had weighed too heavily on her conscience for her to carry on and she yearned for one last drink to raise a toast to oblivion. Her morbid plans are interrupted and she is called in to negotiate a gruesome hostage situation at a radio station where a psychopath is playing a morbid game.

While the show is on air, he calls people from the phonebook at random. If they pick up the phone with a certain slogan, a hostage is set free. If they don't, then the hostage is unceremoniously shot. The man threatens to continue playing this game until his fiancée arrives at the studio.

The only problem is that his fiancée died several months ago.

Amok (2015)