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Bare (2016)

Director:  Ash Morris

Screenwriter:  Nicola Monaghan

Producer:  Jennie Latham

Featuring: Steven Arnold, Bruce Jones, Linda Clark,Robert Haythorne, Alicia Herhenteris

Will has recently been released from prison, where he did time for beating up Julie, his then pregnant girlfriend. Now sober, but plagued by guilt and horrific flashbacks of what he did, he takes on board his brothers suggestion and joins a local boxing gym for training and sparring to occupy his mind.

Where The Skin Lies (2017)

Director:  Michael Boucherie

Screenwriters:  Michael Boucherie, David Boucherie

Producer:  Joy Harrison

Featuring: Tristan Beint, Amelia Bennett, Simon Rivers, Louise Williams, Georgia Winters, Nathan Wright, Clive Russell

Six people bound together by a traumatic experience decide to round off a year of group therapy in style. They join each other once more, traveling up to the Scottish Lowlands for a reunion weekend in a 1970s holiday let. Soon a number of mysterious and horrifying events start to expose the cracks in their relationships, and one by one they discover that trust runs but skin-deep. A night of closure turns out to be far more final than they could have anticipated.

Disclaimer: Having found no definitive resource on actual Anderson Shelter Productions, these are best guesses for ASP produced projects.

Autism Voices Film Project (2018)

Director: Joy Harrison

Producer:  Joy Harrison

Project to help give a voice to autistic individuals.

Farside (2017)

Director:  Ash Morris

Screenwriters:  Dustin Bowcott. Ash Morris

Producer:  Sorcha Anglim

Featuring: Amir El-Masry, Sacha Parkinson, Shane Attwooll

A Syrian refugee lands in a seaside town in Wales and interacts with two siblings with very different attitudes. This film tells the story of these three people as a way of exploring a much greater social story.

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 Art by Dean Waite

Margie's Garden (2016)

Director:  Ash Morris

Screenwriter:  Nicola Monaghan

Producer:  Jennie Latham

Featuring: Steven Arnold, Abigail Hamilton, George Newton

Margie loves her garden; both the legal one, outside, and the one inside where she grows a different kind of crop. Her grandson Niall comes around regularly to take away the dried out crop and sell it on to friends. Neighbour Adam realises what’s going on, on his patch and can’t put up with it. He goes round and tries to intimidate her. She only smiles, and makes him a cup of tea, leaving Adam confused. But then things start getting pretty dark.

And Now: The World! (2015)

Playwright: Sibylle Berg
Translation: Ben Knight
Dramaturge: Clara Brennan
Director: Abigail Graham

A production of OpenWorks Theatre, And Now: The World! is a "story about being young in a digital world; about being a superhero caught in a web; about being able to spend more time with your friends online than face to face.  If your whole life is online, can you start a revolution and stay #ontrend?"

A one woman show about the challenges of being a feminist in a digital age.

Emerald City (2015)

Director: Colin Broderick
Writer: Colin Broderick

Producers: Eric Branco, Colin Broderick

Featuring: Eden Brolin, Sue Costello, Craig Walker, Jason Pendergraft, Roberta Wallach, John Keating, John Duddy, Matt Hopkins, Colin Broderick, John McConnell, Jacqueline Kealy, Brendan Broderick, Rachel Broderick

Emerald City is a film about a hard-living crew of Irish construction workers in NYC who have reached the end of the line.

The Timetable (2015)

Director:  Abigail Graham

Producer:  Joy Harrison

Production Co:  Anderson Shelter Productions

Featuring: Alan Williams, Lahaina Asumang

Via the 'Timetable' Facebook page:

Grandad and Lucy love trains. They set off on a big adventure to see some. But how will we know when the trains will arrive? And what happens if we miss one? We will check the 'Timetable'.

This gentle film explores the depth of relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren.

The Loneliest Time (2015)

Director:  Cort Kristensen
Screenwriter:  Dan Poole
Producers:  Dan Poole, Cort Kristensen, Timebomb Pictures

The Loneliest Time is a short film about a troubled British soldier who returns home after several months on deployment, bringing confusion, turmoil, and strife to those he loves.

Dean Waite Illustration

Freelance artist and illustrator

Dean is designing and illustrating promotional artwork for Anderson Shelter's film, theatre productions, and events.

He will also conduct a solo exhibition of his artwork in partnership with Anderson Shelter Productions.

See more of his artwork on his own website and that of Art Gallery.

Starcross (2014)

Director:  Ash Morris

Screenwriter:  Nicola Monaghan

Producer:  Jennie Latham

Starcross is a ten-minute short about doomed love in the 21st Century.


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