Dean Cavanagh (screenplay),  Mike Peden (story) Irvine Welsh (supervised)

Philip John

Carlene Marshall-King, Mike Peden, Phil Taylor

Production Company:
Brothers On The Run

Additional Cast:
John Bradley


The Babyknives is a Scottish rock band, newly signed to music impresario Tommy Gunn.

When a US tour, masterminded by Gunn, catapults the band into the public eye, it’s not long before the band members realise they have been duped by their manager into smuggling for a global drugs operation.

BAND ON THE RUN is a lurid black-comedy set in the fucked-up world of Rock N Roll. Adapted from the book of the same name, it is a rollercoaster of taboo-bursting mayhem.

"Louder Than War Interview: Dean Cavanagh – if music be the food of love, write on"

By Carl Stanley/ Louder Than War

...Everything in it rings true and it’s this Tarantino-esque tale about a gang of lads from Edinburgh who go on to become this really big rock band. They are first and foremost a gang, but they can really write and play. They are a rock band with a synth edge, very reminiscent of Depeche Mode. There’s transgressive behaviour and all kinds of white knuckle situations in the story, but it feels authentic because it’s based on a lot of Mike’s experiences...