Basauri Award

© Brendan Coyle (Twitter)

Excerpt from the Basauri Award ceremony. Moonfilms Video

The Basauri Award for excellence in the performing arts is presented by the 13 Tribe, a non-profit cultural association.  Created in Basauri, Spain in 2009, The Organization is dedicated to promoting the culture of the city.

Interview with Brendan Coyle upon receiving his Basauri Award.  Moonfilms Video

"In this profession you cannot complain of success, but learn to handle it."
By Monica Miguez / Hirian 24

(Translation by Google)

Seems like Pablo Picasso who said that "when inspiration strikes, I find work." It is a statement that comes in handy to British actor Brendan Coyle, who is not inspired, but international fame found him as he has been for years, working...