A group of trade union officials face a dilemma when there is an outbreak of sectarianism amongst their fellow workers at a shipyard. In the aftermath of a sub-station explosion, blamed on the IRA, tensions are heightened, and Catholic workers in general stay away from the yard.

Only one, Peter O'Boyle, turns up, and as a mob gathers, he refuses an offer to leave peacefully stating that he will not be forced from his work. A fellow trade-unionist, Protestant Davy Mitchell, makes the decision to stand together with his workmate, and they begin work knowing that tragedy may result.


Mob Leader

Sam Thompson

Jeremy Raison

Lyric, Belfast

Additional Cast:
Mark Mulholland, Brigid Erin Bates, Patch Connolly, Joseph Crilly, Roma Tomelty

Completed Play.  Opened Thursday, 15 November 1990