Jeremy (Jezzo) Fitzgerald


Series 1; 6 Episodes  (13 November 2000 - 18 December 2000)


Michael McElhatton, Ian FitzGibbon

Michael McGowan

Eoin Holmes

Production Company: 
Grand Pictures

Additional Cast:
Michael McElhatton, Deirdre O'Kane, Peter McDonald, Pat Leavy, Darragh Kelly

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Paths To Freedom scene
Paths To Freedom scene

 Episode  1 

In the first episode Jeremy is determined to return to the life he once had with his wife, Helen, and to putting all his energy into his new book, Women Inside Out.  Meanwhile, on his first day of freedom, Rats finds that his wife Sharon has left him.



Jeremy experiences an increasing sense of frustration, both with his book and life in general. In the first couple of weeks of freedom Rats found a security job difficult to hold down - and was sacked for being a bit overzealous to say the least, so he finds new employment at a Smiley Burger restaurant.



Rats, Jeremy, Helen and Mrs. Doyle discuss the effects that imprisonment has had on their lives.  Jeremy finds it difficult to get his book, Women Inside Out, published and realises he has to explore other avenues, while Rats and Tomo head for Belfast.



Rats finally comes face to face with Sharon, who is not exactly overjoyed.  Meanwhile, Jeremy faces a Fitness To Practise Committee and eventually takes refuge in a tent in his back garden.



The first day of shooting's video takes place. Over in Dublin 4, Jeremy is becoming increasingly pre-occupied with proving that the asylum seeker is looking to destroy his life.



It is the final month for both Rats and Jeremy to be under the cameras and Rats is set to take to the stage again with his band.  Jeremy has taken up residency at his local golf club on the seventh green.

Paths To Freedom title

Out of jail and back to reality with a camera crew in tow, Paths to Freedom is a six-part 'dramatised' fly-on-the-wall mockumentary series following the experiences, trials and tribulations of two ex-prisoners from contrasting class structures upon their release into society.

  •  Awards: Best Television Drama, IFTA, 2001;  Best Actor in a TV Drama for Michael McElhatton, IFTA, 2001;  Best Drama, Celtic Film & TV Festival, 2001

  • Spun off into a feature film, Spin the Bottle.  Unfortunately, Jezzo was not yet well enough to appear.