"Son Of A Butcher In Rugby, Brendan Coyle Is A Cut Above"

HE used to work in his dad's butcher's shop in Rugby before turning to acting and Brendan also did stints on a building site and on boats going up and down the Thames. Now the 46-year-old is proving to be TV's perfect valet in ITV's Sunday night drama hit Downton Abbey...

Son Of A Butcher In Rugby, Brendan Coyle Is A Cut Above

October 2010

"He Couldn't Live Without His IPod; 5 Minute Interview"

By Brendan Coyle/ Huddersfield Daily Examiner

If you had to be stuck in a lift with someone, who would it be? I don't want to be stuck in a lift with anybody, but if I did, it would be Roisin Murphy...

He Couldn't Live Without His IPod; 5 Minute Interview

January 2009

"Brendan's Vision For Tale Of Intrigue, Passion, Revenge"

By Marion McMullen / Coventry Evening Telegraph

HE'S been stuck up mountains and involved in police car chases during his acting career, but playing a blind man in new TV drama True Dare Kiss was something new for Brendan Coyle...

Brendan's Vision For Tale Of Intrigue, Passion, Revenge

June 2007

Brendan Gives TV Icon A Tough Time

October 2006

"Brendan Gives TV Icon A Tough Time"

PLAYING Helen Mirren's police boss in Prime Suspect meant local actor Brendan Coyle had to get tough for the TV cameras...

"20 Questions With...Brendan Coyle"

By Staff / What's On Stage


My father was Irish and my mother is Scots so I’m this mongrel. I don’t say I’m British or Irish, I don’t fly a flag, but I do have very strong Irish ties. My cousin, Mary-Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy, is a theatre director in Dublin. At the time, she was running a theatre called the Focus Theatre with an Irish-American woman called Deirdre O’Connell who had studied at the Strasberg Institute in New York. She’d brought over all these ideas and principles to train actors at the weekend at the Focus Theatre...

20 Questions With...Brendan Coyle

January 2006

The Box: I Just Don't Fancy Keira Knightley

March 2004

"The Box: I Just Don't Fancy Keira Knightley"

By Roz Laws / Sunday Mercury

MOST men would jump at the chance to get close to stunning actress Keira Knightley.  The beautiful 19-year-old has won acclaim for her roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually, and has thousands of devoted fans. But Brendan Coyle isn't one of them. In a wonderfully down-to-earth comment, the actor breaks with normal showbiz rules -that your co-stars are always fabulous -to reveal he doesn't fancy her.  'She doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid. I don't like skinny women. Where does she keep her internal organs?  'I'm sure she's a nice girl, though,' he added hastily...

Splitting Couple Make Hit Singles

October 2003

"Splitting Couple Make Hit Singles"

By Marion McMullen / Coventry Evening Telegraph

WARWICKSHIRE actor Brendan Coyle is anticipating a torrent of abuse from female viewers after playing unfaithful husband Paul in Single."I'm sure some women will find him outrageous or even loathsome. Some of his attitudes and behaviour are quite unforgivable and I'm expecting to get quite a lot of abuse. I just hope women don't spit at me in supermarkets...

"A Fusion Spirit At This Year's Spoleto"

By Bruce Weber / The New York Times

Her absurd self-flagellation (Ms. Walsh has the discipline and comic sense to hold her stern demeanor without a wink) is disturbed when a neighbor, Gregory Stepanovitch Smirnov (Brendan Coyle), comes calling on a desperate errand to collect a debt owed him by her husband. He is a womanizer, a drinker and a bully, and his presumptuousness (which Mr. Coyle portrays with a contemporary swagger) ignites a hilarious enmity in Elena, whose outrage engenders bellows of anger...

A Fusion Spirit At This Year's Spoleto

June 2002

Brendan's Running Ragged On Rockface

March 2002

"Brendan's Running Ragged On Rockface"

By Marion McMullen / Coventry Evening Telegraph

THERE is no question the scenery is majestic, but the comforts of home seem a long way away when you're stuck halfway up a mountain battling gales and freezing temperatures.  Checking the daily weather forecasts simply became a matter of habit for Midlander Brendan Coyle...

They Also Act Who Only Sit And Listen

June 1999

"Brendan Is Perfect For The Look Of The Irish"

By Marion McMullen / Coventry Evening Telegraph

TV makers turned to the son of a Warwickshire butcher when it came to finding an actor capable of playing Irish republican fighter Michael Collins in controversial drama Rebel Heart. TV writer MARION McMULLEN finds out how a Midlander ended up as one of Ireland's most notorious figures. HIS father ran a butcher's shop in Rugby and he grew up in the Midlands, but Brendan Coyle has no problem steeping himself in Irish history. The son of an Irish father and a Scottish mother, he has enjoyed the luck of the Irish when it comes to acting....

"They Also Act Who Only Sit And Listen"

By Matt Wolf/ The New York Times

BRENDAN COYLE has spent almost 400 performances, his elbows propped on a bar, a lager or a whisky at the ready, listening to his fellow players in ''The Weir'' turn a litany of ghostly tales into a haunting study of collective self-revelation. But playing a bartender also named Brendan, Mr. Coyle never gets a story of his own, unless you believe -- as some do -- that Brendan's tale begins once Conor McPherson's play ends...

Brendan Is Perfect For The Look Of The Irish

January 2001

Coyle Of 'The Weir' Is The Strong Silent Type

October 1998

"Coyle Of 'The Weir' Is The Strong Silent Type"

By Joseph Hurley/ Irish Echo

Alone among the five characters of Conor McPherson’s hit play, "The Weir," Brendan, the owner and operator of the country pub in which the tale takes place, has no tale to tell, no monologue to deliver. Each of the others has an extended story to relate to the spellbound audiences filling the Walter Kerr Theatre, where the play opened on April 1, and one of them has two turns at bat...

How Thief Takers Steal The Limelight

February 1996

"How Thief Takers Steal The Limelight"

By Phil Tusler/ The People

Stuntmen and women have a new-found respect from actor Brendan Coyle, who plays DS Bob 'Bingo' Tate. The Irishman spent part of the filming schedule in agony after dislocating his shoulder during one action-packed scene...

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