Brendan Coyle on Downton Abbey, looking for love and whether Bates killed his wife

October 2012

"Brendan Coyle on Downton Abbey, looking for love and whether Bates killed his wife"

By Zoe Williams / Radio Times

"He's been in the Boer War, he would have killed a lot of people. Does that mean he can kill his wife? What does it do to you?”...

A Quick Chat With Brendan Coyle

May 2012

Brendan Coyle 'Starlings' Q&A: 'I felt warmth for these characters'

May 2012

Brendan Coyle 'Starlings' Q&A: 'I felt warmth for these characters'

By Morgan Jeffery and Clarissa Place/ Digital Spy

You might know him best as the dour Mr. Bates, but Downton Abbey star Brendan Coyle is leaving the early 1900s behind with a role in throughly modern Sky1 series Starlings...

"A quick chat with Brendan Coyle"

By Staff/ What's On TV

Downton Abbey's Brendan Coyle tells us about his role in the new Sky1 comedy drama Starlings...

Masterpiece Cast And Insider Chat

February 2012

Masterpiece Cast And Insider Chat

By Brendan Coyle/ PBS

Downton Abbey's Mr. Bates (Brendan Coyle) answered fan questions during an online chat in February, 2012. He discussed his castmates, his romance (Anna) and his bromance (Robert), the high jinx and merry japes on set and the guilty verdict. Enjoy the Batesian charm, loyalty and humor... 

TCA Begins With A 'Downton' Doozy

July 2012

"TCA Begins With A 'Downton' Doozy"

By Roz Laws / Variety

Coyle chatted about everything, from how Bates got his limp (the actor put a brace on his knee and something in his show to figure out how, exactly, the limp should feel like) and that when playing the Facebook game of “What ‘Downton’ character are you?” he readily confessed that he’s Lady Mary...

"'Downton Abbey's' Mr. Bates Has Irish Charm"

By Cahir O'Doherty/ Irish Central

Brendan Coyle plays the stoic but thoroughly decent Mister Bates in the international phenomenon Downton Abbey. This week he’s in New York to promote Origin Theatre’s annual First Irish theatre festival.  Fans of the hit TV show have been scouring the Internet for months for the first hints about what's to come in season three and now for the first time Coyle’s speaking exclusively to Cahir O’Doherty about the hit show and his beloved character...

'Downton Abbey's' Mr. Bates Has Irish Charm

May 2012

Corby Born Downton Abbey Star Nominated For Emmy

July 2012

"Corby Born Downton Abbey Star Nominated For Emmy"

By Stephanie Weaver/ Northamptonshire Telegraph

Corby-born actor Brendan Coyle has been nominated for an Emmy award.  The star of Downton Abbey has today been named in the supporting actor in a drama series category...

"In this profession you cannot complain of success, but learn to handle it."

July 2012

"In this profession you cannot complain of success, but learn to handle it."

By Monica Miguez/ Hiran

Seems like Pablo Picasso who said that "when inspiration strikes, I find work." It is a statement that comes in handy to British actor Brendan Coyle, who is not inspired, but international fame found him as he has been for years, working...

"Life's Ups, Downs"

By Pam Brown / The West Australian

Irish actor Brendan Coyle is slightly bemused by the level of global success reached by Downton Abbey. During the first series he got tweets about the show from all over the world, in one night from as far away as Alaska and New Zealand. "I thought, something mad is happening here and it is great," he laughed...

Life's Ups, Downs

June 2012

5 Secrets About Me: Brendan Coyle

June 2012

"5 Secrets About Me: Brendan Coyle"

By Staff/ The Mirror

The Starlings and Downton Abbey star reveals five unknown facts...

Flight Of Fancy

May 2012

"Downton Abbey Has Forced Brendan Coyle Into Heartthrob Status, But He's A Reluctant Celebrity"

By Staff/ Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Since Colin Firth’s wet-shirted romp through the lake in Pride & Prejudice, never has a period drama had so many ladies swooning as Downton Abbey. And the reason? Brendan Coyle.  As dark, brooding, stoic and chivalrous valet John Bates, Coyle has set legions of hearts aflutter.  But today, the 48-year-old actor, who’s even more attractive in the flesh, modestly brushes aside any reference to his sex symbol status.  “I just don’t engage with that. I think it’s better for everybody that I don’t!” he says, laughing.  “We’re in a hit, it’s not going to last forever, so we’ll just enjoy it and hopefully everyone does well out of that. It’s a great bunch of actors.”...

"Flight Of Fancy"

By Jen Rodger and Neil Batey / The Mirror

As Downton Abbey's Mr Bates and Scott & Bailey's DC Janet Scott, they are two of the most instantly identifiable people on prime time TV.  Now Brendan Coyle and Lesley Sharp have joined forces to play married couple Terry and Jan Starling, who preside over the antics of their boisterous family...

Downton Abbey Has Forced Brendan Coyle Into Heartthrob Status

May 2012

TV Star Becomes Hospice Patron

May 2012

"TV Star Becomes Hospice Patron"

Downton Abbey star and home-grown talent Brendan Coyle is to be a patron of Lakelands Hospice in Corby. The actor was in the town at the weekend when he attended two shows at The Core theatre staged by his cousin Helen King’s dance school. Brendan, whose mum and other family members live in the town, said: “I am very happy to be a patron of the hospice.  “It plays a vital role in the town and it’s important it receives support.”...

Q&A With Downton Abbey Valet Brendan Coyle

May 2012

"Q&A With Downton Abbey Valet Brendan Coyle"

By Rosanna Greenstreet/ Daily Mail

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Standing at my mother’s feet, in my granny’s kitchen.  My granny and my mum were ‘blethering’ as they would call it – they were both Scottish women who lived in Corby in Northamptonshire. I remember looking out of the window and seeing a long row of gardens with washing blowing and hearing the wind making a whistling sound. It was the first time I’d heard the wind. I was about four I reckon...

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