Evan Davies

Daphne du Maurier

Mark Rayment

King's Head Theatre

Additional Cast:
Susannah York, Peter Byrne, Mary Chester, Francesca Hunt and Toby Walton

Completed Play.  Previews began 13 July 1993, and the play opened 20 July 1993.


"The Fringe"

By Sarah Hemming/ The Independent

The tide is not the only thing that swells unpredictably in Daphne du Maurier's play, September Tide (revived at the King's Head, N1). From the moment Stella Martyn introduces herself to her new son-in-law, Evan, with a husky 'Do I kiss you?' it's clear that both characters are about to be plunged into deep waters of a metaphorical kind... 

In a Cornish house widowed Stella, a gifted woman of considerable beauty, regularly rejects proposals from her neighbour Robert.  When her daughter, Cherry, brings home an alcoholic and brilliant painter, Evan, as her new husband for the first time, Stella is shocked by their bohemian marriage. 

She falls in love with Evan, and although much is left unspoken, Evan eventually compells Stella to admit her feelings for him as he paints her portrait.


  • Daphne du Maurier's first play.

  • Originally titled "Mother" and based on du Maurier's close friend, Ellen Doubleday.

  • Transferred to the Comedy Theatre with Michael Praed in the role of Evan Davies, which Brendan performed at the King's Head.

September Tide (1993)