Terry Starling


Series 1 - 2 (13 May 2012 - 20 August 2013)


Matt King, Steve Edge

Matt Lipsey, Tony Dow (Series 1); Philippa Langdale, Tony Smith, Sam Donovan (Series 2)

Gill Isles (Series 2)

Production Company: 
Baby Cow Productions

Additional Cast:
Lesley Sharp, Finn Atkins, John Dagleish, Rebecca Night, Matt King, Steve Edge, Ukweli Roach, Alan Williams

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Produced for Sky1 TV in Britain,  Starlings follows the lives of a typical working-class family who live in Derbyshire, UK.

Series 1: Granddad has recently moved in, following an incident at the old folks' home.  Rather than see him unhappy, Terry and his kind-hearted wife, Jan, decide to move his father into their already crammed family home.

Series 2: For the first time the Starlings family looks in danger of falling apart.  While Reuben needs Fergie and Loz to help with a big question he’s about to ask Bell, the relationship between Jan and Terry is tested to its limit by the arrival of Stephen, the tutor of Jan’s new writing class.

"A quick chat with Brendan Coyle"

By Staff/ What's On TV

Downton Abbey's Brendan Coyle tells us about his role in the new Sky1 comedy drama Starlings...

Brendan Coyle 'Starlings' Q&A: 'I felt warmth for these characters'

By Morgan Jeffery and Clarissa Place/ Digital Spy

You might know him best as the dour Mr. Bates, but Downton Abbey star Brendan Coyle is leaving the early 1900s behind with a role in throughly modern Sky1 series Starlings...

"Downton Abbey Has Forced Brendan Coyle Into Heartthrob Status, But He's A Reluctant Celebrity"

By Staff/ Northampton Chronicle and Echo

After two series of Julian Fellowes’ cult ITV drama, Coyle is leaving the broody Bates for a while to star in new Sky1 comedy Starlings. While the premise of an oddball extended family rubbing along together in a detached Derbyshire home immediately struck a chord, he decided a change in direction would also stave off being typecast...

"Starlings Series Two Is Much Darker"

By Alex Fletcher/ Digital Spy

Brendan Coyle has revealed that the second series of Sky1 comedy drama Starlings will have a much "darker" tone. The actor, who stars alongside Lesley Sharp in the series, said that the moments of "poignancy and conflict" had been the most successful in the first series.

"Flight Of Fancy"

By Jen Rodger and Neil Batey / The Mirror

As Downton Abbey's Mr Bates and Scott & Bailey's DC Janet Scott, they are two of the most instantly identifiable people on prime time TV.  Now Brendan Coyle and Lesley Sharp have joined forces to play married couple Terry and Jan Starling, who preside over the antics of their boisterous family...
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