Steve Burkett


Johnny Gogan


Johnny Gogan

Paul Donovan

Production Company: 
Bandit Films

Additional Cast:
Annie Ryan, Brían F. O'Byrne, Anthony Brophy, John Cronin

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"The Last Bus Home"

By Harvey O'Brien PhD/ Harvey's Movie Reviews

Much-vaunted ultra low budget Irish feature, a sort of indigenous rejoinder to Alan Parker's adaptation of The Commitments. It charts the short, turbulent life of a Dublin punk band in 1979, formed the same day a Papal visit by Pope John Paul II holds the rest of the nation entranced in a haze of old-fashioned values...
The Last Bus Home trailer

The Pope visits Dublin in 1979, and Reena and Jessop meet. Three years later they have become a famous band in the town in which they live. Pressures within the band threaten its stability, and a record deal and move to London adds to the strain.


  • Released in cinemas in Ireland and France in 1998 and 1999.

  • Won an Audience Award, Cherbourg-Octeville Festival, 1997.