Sam Shepard

Mike Attenborough

Almeida Theatre

Additional Cast:
Martin Barron, Flaminia Cinque, Trevor Cooper, Simon Gregor, Curtis Jordan, Andrew Lincoln, Jason Watkins

Completed play.  Performed from 12 January 2006 to 4 March 2006.

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"20 Questions With...Brendan Coyle"

By Terri Paddock/ What's On Stage

Why did you want to accept your part in The Late Henry Moss?
I’m a huge Shepard fan, always have been. One of the first plays I ever saw was Curse of the Starving Class when I was training in Dublin and it had a profound effect on me. I thought, “that’s the kind of theatre I want to do”...


"The Late Henry Moss"

By Staff/ What's On Stage

After the polemical state-of-the-American-nation metaphor of Sam Shepard’s most recent play The God of Hell from 2004 that received its British premiere at the Donmar Warehouse last year...

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"The Late Henry Moss"

By Charlotte LoveridgeCurtain Up

The European premiere of Sam Shepard's The Late Henry Moss swiftly follows the politically-charged God of Hell at the Donmar...

In Bernalillo New Mexico, near the Mexican border, Ray and Earl return home to mark the passing of their estranged father, Henry.  Over a bottle of bourbon and a box of old photographs, tales of their childhoods emerge.

As they encounter Henry's bizarre collection of friends, including his wild voracious lover, the colourful circumstances surrounding his death provoke violent suspicion.

Fluctuating between the present and the past, Henry comes to life and re-enacts events leading up to his mysterious and exotic death.


  • This production of The Late Henry Moss was its European premiere and the first play by Sam Shepard produced at the Almeida.