D.I Bob 'Bingo' Tate


Series 1-2 (February 1995 - November 1996)


Len Collin, David Joss Buckley, Matthew Graham, Steve Griffiths, Andy Lynch, Roy Mitchell, Sian Orrells, James Quirk

Douglas Mackinnon, Alex Pillai, Keith Boak, Terence Daw, Colin Gregg, David Innes Edwards, Nicholas Prosser, Terry Winsor

Gina Cronk, Colin McKeown

Production Companies: 
Carlton Television, Central Independent Television

Additional Cast:
Samantha Bond, Amanda Pays, David Sterne, Gary McDonald,  Nicholas Ball, Reece Dinsdale

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Depicted the work of a team in the Metropolitan Police Service's Flying Squad. Each case was a stand alone episode or sometimes spread over two episodes and continuing drama was provided by the depiction of the personal lives of the officers in the team and their families.

  • Comprised of a pilot, which aired in 1995, followed by the commissioning of three series between 1996 and 1997.

"How Thief Takers Steal The Limelight"

By Phil Tusler/ The People

Stuntmen and women have a new-found respect from actor Brendan Coyle, who plays DS Bob 'Bingo' Tate. The Irishman spent part of the filming schedule in agony after dislocating his shoulder during one action-packed scene...