Conor Mcpherson


Jonquil Panting

Production Company: 
BBC Radio 4

Additional Cast:
Peter McDonald, Hugh O’Conor

Aired 28 July 1997, unavailable for purchase

  • This Lime Tree Bower, Pt. 120:36
  • This Lime Tree Bower, Pt. 220:33
  • This Lime Tree Bower, Pt. 316:37
  • This Lime Tree Bower, Pt 417:19

An account of coming of age in a small, off-season, seaside town in Ireland, told by three young men. The central characters are Joe, the youngest, who is bored with school and looking for adventure. His brother Frank, working full time in the family chipper, hatches “his great plan” to solve all the family’s troubles. Lastly, their friend Ray the debauched university lecturer who is dating their sister Carmel.

  • BBC Radio Afternoon Play.

  • The title is taken from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem.

  • This play was also performed on the stage and turned into a film, titled Saltwater, which was directed by the author.