Kaz Sweeney


Debbie Horsfield


Declan O'Dwyer, Jeremy Webb

Marcus Wilson

Production Companies: 
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Additional Cast:
Pooky Quesnel, Lorraine Ashbourne, Paul Hilton, Paul McGann, Dervla Kirwan, Esther Hall, Ciarán McMenamin

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Four sisters return home for the funeral of their father.  As they spend time together, long buried family secrets emerge with devastating consequences.

"True Dare Kiss had a lesson for us all - that manslaughter can be a real family affair"

By Lucy Mangan / The Guardian

There is much to be said for small families. They are cheaper, more environmentally sound and are markedly less likely to occupy brooding gothic mansions harbouring equally brooding gothic secrets at their hearts...

"Brendan's Vision For Tale Of Intrigue, Passion, Revenge"

By Marion McMullen / Coventry Evening Telegraph

HE'S been stuck up mountains and involved in police car chases during his acting career, but playing a blind man in new TV drama True Dare Kiss was something new for Brendan Coyle...

True Dare Kiss, Behind the Scenes